Sapir Venture Partners is a seed stage investor actively mentoring Israeli founders aspiring to deliver on the promise of  cutting-edge science and transformative deep-technologies to create a positive global impact.


Let's unpack that rather wordy sentence.

Seed stage - We like to get involved early. This allows us to work closely with the founding team at the stage we know best. From as early as spinning up an idea out of an academic lab and up to the Pre-A stage.

Actively mentoring - We look to help position the company for long-term growth, establishing an initial engagement with customers/revenue to deliver a better product/service. All while setting up the company as an attractive opportunity for Series A investors.

Israeli founders - we engage with founding teams that include an Israeli but we do not invest only in Israel. We are active in Israel and U.S. - mostly in Boston and the New York area.

Aspiring to deliver on the promise - We are inspired by mission-driven founders to join them in making their vision a reality. We are long-term partners, as we know that it takes time to make a difference.

Cutting-edge science and transformative deep-technologies - bringing innovation to the world, harnessing the next generation of science and technology for doing good.

Create a positive global impact - Big ideas. Big impact. Making the world a better place. Together.


If this is a good fit for you, then please drop us a line. Thanks.